SIP Trunk

SIP trunking is a service that enables your in-house IP PBX or analog PBX to send and receive VoIP calls. VoIP reduce your phone bill up to 80% with cheaper call rates, savings from reduction of fixed lines and other contract fees.

Looking for a SIP provider ? My3CX is a VoIP provider, use our SIP service on your PBX, IP server, IP phone or any other SIP enabled device or system.

SIP trunking is a method of delivering voice telephony services and unified communication from a VoIP service provider to customers using SIP enabled exchanges. My3CX is one of the few SIP providers in South Africa that offers a free SIP account to start using VoIP.


Benefits with SIP trunk service

  • SIP trunk connects your calls over the Internet, no need to pay pricey subscriptions for you to be able to make calls.
  • Cut down on your phone bill, SIP trunking saves you money from day one
  • Up to 100 simultaneous channels for outbound calls per SIP trunk
  • Low per- second rates and great voice quality
  • Quick and EASY SIP Configuration
  • NO contract 
  • In-built Security (SIP-Brigade) 
  • Protocol : SIP
  • Codec : G729,GSM, U-Law (G711), HD(G722)

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